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Our goal is simple - allow every company to build a world-class culture, whether they are working in the same place or not.
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Measure the health of your team

Use Afino's pulse surveys to gauge how your team is doing. Measure metrics like team happiness, health & wellness, co-worker relationships, and more to make sure your team maximizes performance.


Review insights & trends

See how the health of your team trends over time, in real-time. Use this data to track progress, review performance, and identify areas that might need more attention.

Get suggestions from Afino AI

Afino will learn about your team and use artificial intelligence to give you personalized suggestions on how you can take action. Find and run events, learn about your team, and keep employees engaged, right from the platform.


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Afino makes it easy to stay connected.

Something for Everyone.

Afino's suite of events and activities makes it easy to keep everyone on your team engaged and connected, no matter where they are or what they're interested in. Choose from games that you can do live with your team or something that can done on the side.

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Professionally Hosted Events.

Find events for your team that are hosted by Afino's experienced professionals. Learn a new dish with a cooking class, spice things up with a mixology lesson, or unwind with a wellness session.

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"People liked that it gave them the feeling they were doing something together."
- Manager at Virtira; Canada's leading expert on remote team performance

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